About Me


I am a photographer based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. I have been involved in a variety of photography projects locally and across London including: portraits, wedding ceremonies and receptions plus other social events.

I graduated from The City University in 1987 and have been working in the IT industry for over 27 years. I have been a keen amature photographer since the 1980s using film cameras and moved to digital photography in 2002. I have been working as a semi-professional photographer since 2012 but continue to enjoy shooting creative images as a personal passion.

My Style

My preferred photography style covers both traditional or classic and journalistic. I believe that this offers a great deal of flexibility and accommodates most people’s photography preference. However, having said that I'm open minded and if the opportunity arises then I’m willing to try something different or unique.

My Equipment

I use a Nikon DSLR camera for all my photography, for the highest quality results. Additionally, I use professional digital photo editing software for enhancing and adding creative digital effects when needed as part of post processing the photos.